Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thinking out loud

* It can't hurt President Obama's media coverage that Press Secretary Robert Gibbs has been dazzling in the daily White House briefings, a ritual that used to be behind the scenes, but in recent years has been broadcast live on cable networks. So far, Gibbs has been informative, likable and disarming. If you think a little sugar doesn't work with press types, you haven't been paying attention.

* The president promised a new atmosphere in Washington as far as political squabbling is concerned and he's delivering. Obama has actually gone to Capitol Hill to meet with House leaders, including the loyal opposition. Yet some critics think this is a sign of weakness. Not me. As I said yesterday, he did win the election and he's right to remind Republicans of that fact. But it doesn't mean he shouldn't listen to their ideas. It's possible his mind can be changed. If not, the minority shouldn't complain that it was frozen out.

* If you're into state politics and you're not reading Liz Benjamin's blog, you're missing the most informative source of information on the subject. And, yes, Liz is the daughter of Gerry Benjamin and Helise Winters of SUNY New Paltz.

* I've discovered a reason to watch the Super Bowl: Weather conditions in Tampa Sunday are expected to be sunny and in the 60s. For those of us in weary-of-winter Upstate New York, it will be a visual reminder that such a climate does exist.
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