Thursday, January 8, 2009

You never know

* Someone just mentioned that the college football championship game will be played tonight. I've never been a big follower of the college game. But I certainly used to pay attention on New Year's Day, when there'd be the Cotton Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Rose Bowl and Orange Bowl in an orgy of wall-to-wall action. Now, the big deal on Jan. 1 (with the possible exception of the Rose Bowl) is, of all things, outdoor professional hockey. Anyway, I had to look in my favorite paper to see which teams are playing tonight. I suppose people will watch. But I can't shake the feeling that the juice is missing.

* I see where Congressman Hinchey believes his appointment to the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense puts him in position to hopefully influence some big money to the fledgling Solar Energy Consortium in the town of Ulster. That would be good news for the region, the congressman and the solar energy folks. But I'm not a big fan of the way the game is played. If the Solar Energy Consortium (for which Hinchey deserves credit for getting it off the ground) warrants millions of dollars from the feds, it should receive it even if a local congressman with seniority isn't on a committee to fast-track it. Merit, not congressional clout, should be the determining factor.

* Programming alert: The next "Media Project" on WAMC will feature the anchor, the editor and the publisher, not the professor. If you're a regular listener, you know who they are, and you understand that this mix will make the show unique. Hear for yourself at 6 o'clock Sunday, 3 o'clock Monday or anytime at

* When I first saw the video of the five presidents in the Oval Office, I thought it odd that Jimmy Carter was a step or so removed from Bill Clinton, while the others were shoulder-to-shoulder. Then one of the cable commentators said Clinton and Carter have a serious dislike for each other. How did I miss that story?

* Speaking of images, there was former Gov. Mario Cuomo in the crowd yesterday at Gov. Paterson's State of the State, uncomfortably squeezed between former Gov. Hugh Carey and Cuomo's first lieutenant governor Al DelBello. Cuomo hasn't spent much time (in public anyway) in the Capitol since he left office, so his appearance caught my attention. You think he was paying homage to Paterson, who soon will name the next U.S. senator from New York? After all, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is said to be on the short list.
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