Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Catching up

* Catching up to the Senate: Is it any wonder that the average American can't quite figure out how government works? Take, for instance, today's Senate confirmation hearings. All hands were on deck for the opening remarks from Hillary Clinton, the secretary of state designee, and from the committee chairs. But as the day dragged on and the senators were taking their turns at questioning the nominee, most of the committee seats were empty, senators having slipped out to serve on other committees (I believe Sen. Dodd said he had two more hearings on his schedule today) or shifted gears to different responsibilities. Yes, there are transcripts, aides and TV monitors to inform the absentees, but it can't beat being there. Then again, since the magic of C-SPAN came our way, many of us didn't realize the number of House and Senate speeches made before virtually empty chambers.

* Catching up to the Golden Globes: Know why people like to watch this program? In addition to the relatively free-wheeling nature of the event, there no contrived musical numbers and only one honorary presentation (which is generally entertaining). Mostly it's award after award. And the celebrities at the Beverly Hills Hilton actually look like they're having a good time. (You think the big champagne bottles at each table have something to do with it?)

* Catching up to the NFL Playoffs: The Giants (and QB Eli Manning) weren't that good last year when they won the Super Bowl,and they weren't that bad Sunday when they were eliminated by the Eagles. (By the way, Fox announcer Joe Buck - although his pedigree is baseball - is much better at calling a football game.) In my view, that's because during a football game, he doesn't have the opportunity to try to be funny, as he often unsuccessfully attempts to do in baseball.

* Catching up to cable: Add MSNBC's Joe Scarborough to the list of blowhards who won't let a guest get in a point of view. Why Chrystia Freeland of the Financial Times, who was belittled Monday by a Scarborough rant on waterboarding, put herself through the ordeal is beyond me.
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