Friday, January 9, 2009

The Friday buzz

* For all the bashing of the liberal mainstream media by Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin, that same liberal mainstream media sure does give them a lot of space and air time.

* I understand weather forecasting can be imprecise, particularly when all it takes is the difference of a few miles to make a relatively minor snow event into a full-fledged, get-out-the-heavy-equipment storm. But the National Weather Service sure is hedging its bets about Saturday. The primary forecast for Kingston is an inch or two of snow tomorrow. The accompanying forecast is for upwards of seven. Unless it's 75 and sunny, I guess they'll be correct.

* When I pick up the Freeman to look for the movie listings, I like to think I'm seeing all the choices in the local area. But the Tinker Street Cinema in Woodstock hasn't advertised with us for quite some time. I'm told it has to do with our rates, but that can't be it. The price is dirt cheap. It's hard for me to believe that advertising with us wouldn't cover their cost by generating just a few ticket sales from people like me (and we live in Woodstock) for whom Tinker Street has dropped from the radar.

* The day after Inauguration Day is going to be another one of those times when people rediscover daily newspapers. At least one major advertiser is so convinced people will be rushing to the newsstands to read about the new president's first day in office (and save the papers for keepsakes), it wants a guarantee that 50 percent more copies than normal will be printed. You'll remember what happened the day after Election Day. In many parts of the country, newspapers sold out so quickly that they became collector's items up for auction on EBay. Yes, we'll print extra copies of the Freeman on Jan. 21. Also on Jan. 20, when we publish a special Inaugration Day tabloid insert.
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