Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Up and running

* Barack Obama is getting heat in some corners for reminding Republicans who are balking at his stimulus plan that he won the election. I say, good for him. He did win. Let him advance his proposals. If they're successful, he deservedly gets the credit and the country will be on the road to recovery. If they're not successful, Republicans will have a legitimate beef to take to voters.

* Wouldn't it be a good idea for those who are blasting former Yankees manager Joe Torre about the leaked excerpts from his new book if they read it first?

* Regarding my recent blog on the Gillibrand announcement, I don't know how I neglected to point out the ominous presence of Al D'Amato front and center. I know; Gillibrand was an intern for D'Amato in the old days. But seeing Sen. Pothole (now a big-time lobbyist) over her right shoulder (closer than Speaker Silver or Sen. Schumer) was a terrible signal to New Yorkers and the nation.

* I know it's anti-American, but I haven't watched a Super Bowl since I gave up sportswriting. That said, at least I knew who was playing. This year, I had to think twice when someone asked me who I liked in the big game. I knew the Cardinals were in, but I initially thought they were playing Baltimore. I'm not sure if that says more about me or the appeal of this year's game.

* So many contenders on both sides of the aisle are stepping forward to see Kirsten Gillibrand's former House seat that it looks like the stampede at the start of the Kentucky Derby. Better yet, there's no obvious front-runner.
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