Friday, January 2, 2009

Dee departs

I must not have read the fine print in the affiliation agreement between Kingston and Benedictine hospitals, because I was expecting current CEOs Mike Kaminski and Tom Dee to remain in their jobs, reporting to a coordinating chief executive officer. Not so, as I learned recently (and we reported yesterday).

I'm particularly sorry to see Dee depart. Over the years, his has been a steady hand, not only at Benedictine, but in efforts to forge some sort of merger with neighboring institutions. Aware that the concept always was hampered by religious constraints, Dee still did his best to find common ground.

This was particularly true about a decade ago, when it seemed possible that Benedictine, Kingston and Northern Dutchess would merge. Philosophical issues aside, this one died prematurely because of personality clashes and intransigence. But not on the part of Dee, who stood head and shoulders above his colleagues (literally and figuratively).

Dee also was a player in a variety of community boards, all of which will be less effective without his input.

Ulster County will miss Tom Dee.
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