Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Hein era

It won't be quite the same as a presidential inauguration. There won't be millions crowding around the Ulster County Office Building to view the swearing-in, nor will there be a parade, followed by a series of lavish balls.

But the New Year's Day launch of a charter form of government is a big deal around these parts. And a lot of the foot soldiers who worked long and hard to see this day (many of whom unsuccessfully sought a city manager form of government in Kingston), are crossing their fingers and toes in hopes that it will produce the desired outcome: an accountable, professionally operated, efficient and effective operation, something the county sorely needs.

Is soon-to-be County Executive Michael Hein up to the task? While he was clearly the better of the two candidates for the job in November's election, he has plenty to prove. Many of us would have liked someone without any prior ties to local politics and politicians, as well as to some of the professional hangers-on who always seem to be lurking nearby. Hein's opponent generally fit that bill, but he didn't do enough homework prior to running for office to make swing voters comfortable enough to earn their trust.

So Hein gets the keys tomorrow. It says here he's capable and can be effective, if he's his own man. Everyone in the county - regardless of political persuasion - should be rooting for his success.
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