Thursday, January 1, 2009

Power play

The most recent of a series of weather-related power outages at my home knocked off the TV 10 minutes short of the ball drop at Times Square, just as aging, ailing Dick Clark was struggling to explain the excitement in the crowd outside the studio window. (The "world's oldest living teenager" suffered a stroke several years ago. He still doesn't look his age - 80 - but his speech has been permanently damaged. Commendations for his moxie, but those of us who grew up with the vibrant Clark can't help but be sad to see him today.)

Anyway, the power outage was someone's way of telling me I'm too old to be up that late at night, even on New Year's Eve.

Which brings me to eight hours later, the power having come on about 3 a.m. (best I can tell from my flashing alarm clock), when I reached for the remote. A quick flip brought me per chance to DirecTV Channel 213, where I then did something I've never done before: Watched a commercial for over an hour.

DirecTV Channel 213 (check your cable system for its number) is the home of the new Major League Baseball Network. It officially goes on the air at 6 tonight. But it's already running promotional programming that will mesmerize baseball fans. Historic clips, classic announcers and rare interviews ran back to back. I couldn't turn off the set until the video loop started over. Great stuff.

After MLB's first show this evening, it will broadcast the Don Larsen World Series perfect game, for the first time seen in its entirety since it aired live in 1956.

I'm not in the business of shilling for TV. But if you're a baseball fan, you'll want to lock in this channel.

I'll be watching at 6 tonight ... if my power doesn't go out.
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