Friday, January 30, 2009


* Secondhand smoke alert: Cheech and Chong play Radio City Music Hall Saturday night. In you're in the neighborhood (or the audience), inhale at your own risk.

*Tivo alert I: Barack Obama will be interviewed by Matt Lauer at around 5 p.m. Sunday during the Super Bowl pre-game on NBC. Bruce Springstein and Co. will do four numbers at halftime. Plan accordingly. The game will be an after thought.

*Tivo alert II: If you missed it the first time around, be on the lookout for repeats of the six-hour PBS series "Make 'em Laugh". If you like comedy and comedians, you'll enjoy the great film clips and interviews. The "Wise Guys" episode featuring Groucho Marx, W.C. Fields, Larry David, Don Rickles, Phil Silvers and Paul Lynde, was particularly good. Others featured in the series include George Carlin, Laurel and Hardy, the Smothers Brothers, Lenny Bruce and Jack Benny. Good stuff.

* Book tour alert: Joe Torre makes his first televised comments on his controversial book tonight at 9 on Larry King's CNN program. As noted in a previous blog, critics would be wise to read the book before rapping its publicized tabloid quotes. Most reviewers agree the hot stuff isn't all that hot, nor does it take up much of the nearly 500 pages. The generally well-received book documents the rise and fall of the Yankees during Torre's tenure as manager. That said, it's clear Torre's reputation is taking a beating for comments many feel are ill-advised. Veteran baseball writer Murray Chass' views on Torre's book, as well as one by Mark McGwire's brother are worth your while here.
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