Friday, June 11, 2010

Into the weekend

*Are you watching "Treme" on HBO? You should be. Great music, interesting character development, authentic post-Katrina New Orleans setting and tremendous acting - including by locals Melissa Leo and Steve Earle.

*I don't get too worked up over a sports event anymore, but I have to say, the big league debut of Washington pitcher Stephen Strasburg was exceptionally impressive and great sports-TV theater by any measurement.

*Another sign that I'm no longer a kid: Driving 350 miles roundtrip in one day (as I did Thursday) is about 200 miles more than I have the energy to navigate.

*Freeman reporters are now tweeting. Find 'em (like Paul Kirby) and follow 'em for news alerts and interactivity with the newsroom. (Yes, I tweet, too, as does the prolific Ivan Lajara.)

*Run-up to the newsroom's new computer system continues, with training being scheduled and "go live" planned for the week of June 28. On the heels of that is our parent company's Ben Franklin Project, with a number of "crowd-sourcing" stories and other behind the scenes initiatives in the works for the edition of July 4, Independence Day.

*Did you know the our website is drawing about 150,000 unique visitors a month? Are newspapers dying? More people today read the Freeman on-line and in print than ever in its 139-year history.

*139 years! Is it too soon to start planning our gala 150th anniversary edition?
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