Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Exciting times at the Freeman

So much is happening so quickly around our shop and on our website that it's worth my stepping back a moment to point them out, in the unlikely event you haven't taken note.

It really hit me last week from the perspective of reading the Freeman on-line (on my new iPad) while visiting family in Los Angeles.

For example:

*Video, video, video. Public officials. Artists. Community activists. Live action (from cars dodging potholes to youngsters competing in a one-mile run). Stories are coming to life on our website.

*Speaking of potholes, there's the already popular See, Click, Fix feature, in which you tell us, your neighbors and the powers that be what's going on in your community. Great introductory piece, with videos, can be found here.

*Blogs. If you've found this one, you probably are aware that our roster has expanded dramatically. Not only are we providing offerings from Freeman people, but we're adding links to community bloggers, too. Your search for local blogs should begin at our site.

*Breaking news, updates, weather alerts, same-day local sports scores and more, all the time. News doesn't stop, nor does our coverage of it. If you're not constantly checking back at our website, you're missing out.

*Advertising opportunities. Plenty of advertisers and their customers have realized the value of the audience our site brings them. And we can offer a variety of ways, including creative animation and, yes, videos, to spread your message. (Ask the Hurley Mountain Inn, for one prime example, how Freeman videos are working out of them.)

Our page views have tripled in recent weeks. More people than ever are reading the Freeman in print and on-line.

And we're just starting. We're even in the midst of getting our reporters and editors new computers and software to make their busy lives easier.

Who said the newspaper business isn't fun anymore?
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