Friday, April 23, 2010


Shortly after the tumultuous period when Steve Poskanzer was plucked from SUNY Central to become president at SUNY New Paltz (replacing Roger Bowen, who had been forced out by the Gov. Pataki administration after a controversial women's studies conference drew scorn in the New York Post), there was talk that it wouldn't be long before Poskanzer returned to Albany, maybe even as chancellor.

Poskanzer was young, smart and energetic, and many of us saw bigger and better things for him in SUNY.

Nearly a decade later, Poskanzer is indeed moving on, but in a different direction. We learned today that he's accepted the presidency at a small college in Minnesota.

In the days ahead, we'll get a better sense of what Poskanzer's depature means to him personally and New Paltz as an institution.

But the initial reaction from this New Paltz alum, who also once sat on the College Council (the board of trustees, if you will) prior to his arrival, is that Poskanzer served New Paltz well, both on campus and in the Hudson Valley community.

Poskanzer had a vision for the college and succeeded in many initiatives. And he was limber enough to manage the often difficult balancing act of serving the faculty, staff and study body.

Poskanzer won't be irreplaceable; nobody is. But he's leaving behind big shoes to fill.
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