Monday, January 18, 2010

Radio, TV, movies

*Haven't heard The Media Project on WAMC? Check out this week's episode here.

*Other than a couple of sportswriters and local TV anchors (notably Bruce Beck on Channel 4) do you know anyone who calls the New York Jets "Gang Green"? Have you ever heard a fan say, "I hope 'Gang Green' wins today"? Unlikely.

*The Golden Globes show was breezy, in that it filled the allotted three hours without running over. And Ricky Gervais was humorous, albeit not nearly as outrageous as the frequent NBC commercials suggested he'd be. But it was nowhere near the wild and crazy party of years past, which means it was pretty much just another awards show.

*Glad to see Jeff Bridges won a Globe. Haven't yet seen "Crazy Heart" but he's been quite good in other films. I particularly liked him in the little known "Hearts of the West" with Blythe Danner, Alan Arkin and Andy Griffith.

*Call me stubborn, but I won't see "Avatar", just like I never saw "E.T.", or any of the "Star Wars" or "Indiana Jones" movies, among others that scored big at the box office. I generally prefer movies with less bells and whistles and more intelligent dialogue and good acting. Speaking of which, "Up in the Air" is all it's cracked up to be, "It's Complicated" a little less so.
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