Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Words and pictures

*Others have already commented on this, but let me add that I, too, can't help but wonder how conservatives would have reacted had a liberal county court judge used a dictionary instead of Bible in the swearing-in ceremonies, as did Republican Don Williams the other day in Ulster County. No Bible available? Fine, no need for anything, at least not in the ceremonial ceremony, as was this one.

*ESPN has announced plans to launch 3D TV. Please keep Chris Berman off the programming. He's hard enough to take in traditional TV.

*Former Vice President Dick Cheney isn't letting go, throwing brickbats at President Obama at every turn. On the local level, looks like former Ulster Supervisor Nick Woerner is in a similar place. He's already steering people to a blog that appears dedicated to criticizing new Supervisor Jim Quigley's every move.

*Did you see the pictures of Tiger Woods in the new Vanity Fair? Taken months ago by famed photographer (and part-time Rhinebeck resident) Annie Liebovitz, the pictures show a side of the golfer that might have shocked fans had it not been for revelations about him in recent weeks.

*One more time for people who don't quite get the concept: Newspaper editorials are by definition biased. They express an opinion. They slant this way or that.
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