Tuesday, January 12, 2010


*Snookie: Of all the famous people who live in Ulster County, it's a sad commentary on the times in which we live that this young woman from Marlboro, who has become part of the pop culture via MTV's "Jersey Shore", has become a a celebrity.

*Harry Reid: Unimpressive United State senator? Yes. Racist? I doubt it. But in today's round-the-clock talk radio/talk TV/blogosphere nation, it's too easy to make political hay out of an ill-advised remark. Just ask all the Republicans who have been pounced on by Democrats in much the same manner as Republicans have pounced on Reid.

*Kirsten Gillibrand:She's been little more than Chuck Schumer's caddy so far in her brief time in the U.S. Senate. But unless a particularly formidable candidate emerges, either within the Democratic Party for a primary, or in the general election against the Republican candidate, don't underestimate her ability to prevail on Election Day. First, she's already banking plenty of campaign cash. Second, she plays rough. Just ask former Congressman John Sweeney.

*Rudy Giuliani: Wasn't it on his watch that New York City was attacked on Sept. 11? I'm just sayin'.
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