Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Grab bag

*If you ever wanted to program your own radio station, now's your chance. Give it a look if you're not one of the 43 million already clued into Here's a feature about it in today's USA Today.

*Nobody knows for sure if Harold Ford Jr. will mount a campaign against Kirsten Gillibrand for U.S. Senate from New York. As noted yesterday, Gillibrand shouldn't be underestimated and likely would win, given her backing from most of the major players in the Democratic Party. But let's not roll out the carpetbagger claim against Ford, the former congressman from Tennessee. He may not be Bobby Kennedy or Hillary Clinton, but they cleared the way for newbie New Yorkers to represent their adopted state in Washington.

*Remember when we laughed at the funny programs on NBC? Now we laugh at the funny programmers who run the network.

*According to Pat Robertson, he of the far right religious point of view, Haiti "swore a pact to the devil" two centuries ago, thus the devestating earthquake that leveled the capital city. What's more frightening, that he said it, or that his followers might believe it?
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