Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Athletes beware

That collective chill being felt in arenas, stadiums and strip clubs these days from word that TMZ is adding a sports component.

TMZ is the on-line and TV entity that has brought the world of celebrity gossip to new levels. You can decide if that means up or down.

With the Tiger Woods saga an apparent tipping point, look for TMZ to do with athletes what it does best(?): reveal what athletes don't want the public (or their spouses) to know.

There may be no bigger fish to fry than Woods, but if you believe the whispers - and who wouldn't believe them? - lots of other athletes are going to be exposed - no pun intended - in ways that at the least will embarrass them, and ultimately could cost them marriages and money.

As long as America has a fascination with celebrity dirt - and it always has - TMZ Sports will thrive and the image of many athletes will suffer.
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