Monday, November 9, 2009


*Forget the "60 Minutes" interview with Andre Agassi - which somehow required at least three separate sessions to record judging from Katie Couric's outfits. The real eye-opener last night was the segment on cyber terrorism. If you missed it, find it here. It will get your attention.

*The Freeman 20-Year Club welcomed Sports Editor Ron Rosner last night at its annual dinner. Good to see many current and former colleagues in a social setting away from the office. Of the attendees whose names names have been in the paper and you're likely to recognize were Ed Palladino, Joan Saehloff, Hugh Reynolds, Edwina Henderson, Tony Adamis, Tom Wakeman, Don Treat and Bonnie Langston. Also on hand were several of our behind-the-scenes stalwarts from sales and production.

*Speaking of dinners, the Rip Van Winkle Council, Boy Scouts of America's, annual event is Thursday night at Wiltwyck Golf Club. I've been asked back as MC, proving once again that the scouts really are prepared. Local financier Bill Spearman will receive the top award.

*I know the program is wildly popular, but for my money, the lead character played by Hugh Laurie in "House" is the most unappealing on TV. Larry David on "Curb Your Enthusiasm", you say? At least he plays it for laughs.
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