Monday, October 26, 2009

Mail time

*Word to the wise: If you haven't yet sent in your letter to the editor supporting the candidate of your choice, it's probably not a good idea to waste your time now. We already have many, many more letters than space will allow. And that takes into consideration plans to open more room for letters in the days ahead. That said, want to bet we'll get letters e-mailed as late as the day before the election (maybe even on Election Day itself)? It happens every year, as if we are waiting for 11th hour mail to fill holes in the paper.

*Yes, I did stick through the entire Yankees-Angels game last night, and I'm glad I did. It wasn't just that the Yankees won the pennant, something that this Bronx native grew up believing was the norm. But in the aftermath of the clincher, in the perfunctory trophy presentation ceremony in the clubhouse, Kenny Albert of Fox was brilliant. No kidding. He calmly did the introductions, deftly asked questions of the key people, didn't make himself part of the party, and, best yet, dispatched of New York City Mayor Bloomberg with nary a word. It's not that I dislike Bloomberg. But he obviously had no place on the podium in the midst of the celebrating players, manager and upper management. And after they stepped away, Bloomberg remained to Albert's left, obviously waiting to be interviewed. Sorry, mayor, this wasn't your moment. Bloomberg finally got the message and exited. The mayor will have his moment if there's a ticker tape parade and speeches at City Hall. Sadly for him, that likely will occur after next Tuesday's election.

*Speaking of Fox, Joe Buck was excellent behind the mike. No forced humor. Just first-rate play-by-play and, with Tim McCarver, solid analysis. The one who doesn't add anything to the Fox broadcast crew is Ken Rosenthal.

*If you don't catch CBS Sunday Morning each week at 9 a.m. you're missing one of television's most intelligent and informative programs.
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