Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The election

*Know how you could predict Mike Bloomberg wasn't going to win a laugher yesterday? When you saw the video of the dour New York City mayor showing up to cast his own vote. He was hardly a picture of a confident front-runner

*I know I wrote that the Ulster County Legislature campaign wasn't drumming up a lot of interest on a macro level. But it sure did within each district, witness the Republicans' stunning takeback of the majority from Democrats. So much for the Ulster County Democratic demographic balance of power. Add to that the landslide countywide wins for Judge-elect Don Williams and Clerk Nina Postupack of the GOP, and throw in huge victories by Republicans Jim Quigley in the town of Ulster supervisor race and (new Republican) Jeff Moran in Woodstock, among others. How to you spell momentum-breaker?

*So which Republican will be the Ulster County Legislature's new chairman? And what about the majority and minority leaders? (The GOP's current minority leader was ousted in a primary. And the Democrats' majority leader lost in the general election.) If you're into politics, the jockeying for position will be fun to watch.

*Speaking of a roadblocker of a result, voters in the 23rd Congressional District in Upstate apparently wanted no part of the Palin-Armey-Beck push to get an out-of-district Conservative into the House. Once the moderate Republican had been bullied out of the race, she endorsed the Democrat and, lo and behold, the latter won. (And Democrats never win in that district ... until last night.)

*New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine's negative advertising doomed him. Given Corzine's record, voters didn't much care of Republican challenger Chris Christie is overweight. What did that have to do with the real issues?
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