Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Next case

*Are you like me and have the feeling that some of the senators vetting Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor haven't seen their questions until they've started reading them at the hearings?

*I remember thinking during our editorial board's one and only meeting with then-unknown congressional candidate Kirsten Gillibrand that she'd better serve herself if her answers were less windy and more to the point. I hadn't given it much thought since then, until I read this piece in today's New York Times. Apparently now-Sen. Gillibrand still hasn't found the self-edit button.

*Here's what drives people nuts if they are inclined to believe the media is liberal: MSNBC's coverage of the Supreme Court hearings today included a segment in which a Republican senator asked a detailed, pointed question about a case in which Sotomayor was overturned on appeal. Sotomayor seemed pinned to the wall. But MSNBC viewers will never know. After the senator finished his question and before Sotomayor answered, the network went to commercial. (Commercial-free C-SPAN and PBS are your better alternatives... and they are largely commentary-free, too.)

*I know some of my younger followers believe I'm living in the past. But I have to tell you, if you saw the corny and entertaining "Home Run Derby" TV show of decades ago, you would have as little patience as I do for today's overhyped All-Star extravaganza (which is further marred by self-promotional ESPN and Chris Berman, worst "major" sportscaster around. When Berman does a show or an event, it's all about him. I changed the channel in the first round when I simply couldn't take it anymore.
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