Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Still here

In and out of the office lately without much time to opine. Here are some quickies:

*Ulster County Republicans in his district spurned Legislature Minority Leader Glenn Noonan at their convention last night. He says a fix was perpetrated by unnamed political leaders and that he'll take his case to the voters in a primary. I don't know about any fixing, but I do know that if Noonan prevails and ultimately finds his way back to the Legislature, the GOP caucus would be wise to seek a more articulate spokesman as leader of the loyal minority.

*My respect for NBC News is diminishing. Promoting NBC programs on other NBC news broadcasts has reached epidemic proportions. All broadcasters and print outlets promote, some better than others. But running "NBC infomercials" as real news is too much.

*That said, the first part of Brian Williams' day at the White House last night made for interesting viewing. It was the "West Wing" series come to life. Part 2 airs tonight.

*More NBC: David Gregory is capable as host of "Meet the Press," but the late Tim Russert set the bar high, so the new program lacks the spark he generated. George Stephanapoulos on ABC has come on strong, and CBS' Bob Schieffer remains a solid alternative, too.

*One more on NBC: Conan O'Brien's version of "The Tonight Show" was creative on Night 1. Haven't caught up to last night yet. I'll take Conan over Jay Leno, but David Letterman on CBS remains the gold standard.

*Hard to read the minds of professional athletes. But even given the history of hit-by-pitches he cited, how could Mark Teixeira think Texas pitcher Vicente Padilla plunked on purpose last night when it loaded the bases with A-Rod coming up? Bring back the days of Bob Gibson and Don Drysdale decking Willie Mays and Hank Aaron. No injuries intended. Just a reminder not to get too comfortable in the batter's box. It's part of the game. (And in those days, batters didn't have to wear helmets.)
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