Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Back in the loop

*I've sort of been out of the loop the last couple of weeks. Can anyone tell me if there's been anything about Michael Jackson's death on television?

* I hear Kingston's mayor went bonkers on the radio about one of our editorials, saying all sorts of nasty things about the paper. Maybe he's right. Maybe we're not so smart. After all, I can recall a bunch of editorials supporting this mayor's initiatives - sometimes in the face of criticism elsewhere. I also remember a couple of campaign endorsement editorials. Yes, perhaps he's correct in questioning our collective thinking. That's what you get when you know you're backing a candidate even though you know he's a serial hot head.

*The paper's running a fanastic restaurant gift card promotion. Best deal in town, really. Make sure you check out the promotional material in the print edition and be on time calling in. Supplies are limited.

*Reminder to the anonymous posters: As soon as I see "anonymous" in the lead line, I erase the post. You don't even get the satisfaction of me reading it. I've been putting my name on opinions in this community for four decades. You know who I am. If you disagree with what I have to say, have the courage to identify yourself. Otherwise, don't waste your time.
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