Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring hasn't sprung

*When Scott Murphy, Democratic candidate for Congress in the 20th District, visited our editorial board a couple of weeks ago, I made the mistake of commenting that it was my impression his race against Republican Jim Tedisco lacked the down-and-dirty quality of the John Sweeney-Kirstin Gillibrand campaign. Murphy correctly looked at me with an expression that said, "What race are you looking at?"
Obviously not this one. I've since seen a bunch of Tedisco commercials, the worst of which placed by the Republican National Committee, all designed to throw mud on Murphy. In fact, at least one ends with "Vote against Scott Murphy," not "Vote for Jim Tedisco." Fortunately, voters only have to put up with this for another week. Meantime, viewers of the Albany channels have been warned.

*You've heard the jokes about the cable guy? Same goes with the satellite guy. My appointment for a visit by the technician was on Sunday between 8 a.m. and noon. He finally arrived just after 2. Day shot.

*The weather forecast was for a high of 58 Sunday. Warm enough to crank up the barbecue. Instead, the temperature was in the mid-40s with a chilly breeze. Too late to cancel the barbecue. So, I'm out there grilling wearing a ski jacket. At least most of the snow is gone.
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