Friday, March 6, 2009

Home on the range

Back in Kingston after several days in Los Angeles. Happy to say a touch of the milder weather followed me east (after Monday's heavy snow in New York City delayed my return 24 hours).

Several major initiatives are successfully under way at the Freeman as we navigate the nation's difficult economic conditions and head for a promising future.

So at the end of a busy week, I'm sitting here thinking ...

*Why are some people surprised and upset at President Obama? He promised change and he's delivering it. He's a leader in whose eyes you see confidence and intelligence. I wish I could have said that about his predecessor.

*If they made a movie about Alex Rodriguez, would anybody believe it? And can't anyone from whom he'd take counsel advise him to keep quiet? If a torn labrum doesn't sideline A-Rod, foot-in-mouth disease will.

*When Donald Trump and Co. invented "Celebrity Apprentice", did they get permission to redefine the word "celebrity"?

*Why don't folks who complain about the younger generation show up at our annual spelling bee? Like the 24 before it, last night's bee showcased some of the region's best and brightest, all well-mannered, well-groomed and well-suited for their turn at center stage.

*When ABC invented "Dancing with the Stars", did it get permission to redefine the word "stars"?

*Is there a better interviewer anywhere on your radio dial than WAMC's Joe Donahue?

*Will I recover from jet lag by Monday? I'll keep you posted.
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