Friday, March 20, 2009

Now you know

*Here's when you know when someone's ego has gotten too large: Cindy Adams in the New York Post: "Of course I knew Natasha Richardson. I write a column."

*Here's when you know somebody hasn't been following college basketball very closely: When you don't know Louisville is in the Big East?

*Here's another way you know when someone's ego has gotten too large: Check out the pictures of A-Rod admiring himself in Details magazine.

*Here's when you know your employees are too far ahead of you: When you're the mayor of Kingston and a story about the city beach being closed gets in our paper before you have a chance to tell department heads they can't allow that to happen.

*Here's when you know Hollywood doesn't always release its best movies late in the year for Oscar consideration: When "Duplicity" and "The Great Buck Howard," both of which received excellent reviews, open on the first weekend of spring.

*Here's when you know that American fans recognize a drummed-up promotion for what it is: When you check out the paltry attendance figures for the World Baseball Classic. (Want to draw interest in this event? Play it after the World Series, not in March, when baseball fans are more interested in seeing their favorite teams prepare for the season without being disrupted during training camp.)

*Here's when you know that men of a certain age are ready to bang their heads against the wall: When you read that doctors can't agree on the value of prostate cancer testing and treatment.
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