Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Clintons in Woodstock?

Have you heard the rumors about Bill and Hillary Clinton buying property in Woodstock?

We have.

The weekly Ulster County Townsman speculated about it last week on its editorial page. A few days later, Ulster County Chamber of Commerce President Ward Todd alluded to it in an interview with Jodie McTague on WKNY.

So why hasn't the Freeman carried a story? We're trying, but so far, nobody has provided confirmation.

Maybe we'll do a story saying there is no story. Maybe there'll be one saying the rumors can't be confirmed. That's up to the editors.

We do know Bill and Hillary have twice spent time at the Emerson in Mount Tremper. We know they've strolled along Tinker Street in Woodstock. And we hear Bill and his Secret Service team were checking things out there a couple of weeks ago. But as for actually buying real estate in Woodstock, we're still not sure (as of midday Wednesday).

If you're saying, Ulster County is home to many celebrities, so what's the big deal?
The answer is, none of the celebrities, to our knowledge, is a former president of the U.S. or the current secretary of state.

So our people will keep checking. Maybe some other media outlet will nail it down before we do. Meantime, as they say on TV, stay tuned.
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