Thursday, September 4, 2008

Palin's speech

Sarah Palin gave the Republicans exactly what they wanted (and needed) to hear last night.

She was sharp and sarcastic. She was engaging and appealing. She offered multiple applause lines. ("Frenzy" might best describe the response and facial expressions of many GOP delegates.)

But she didn't say much in detail about substantive issues. And some of her allegations about her opponents (as well as some of her claims of personal accomplishment) were suspect. No wonder the media (which Palin and the GOP are again making the enemy, in a strategy that's worked for politicians of both parties in the past) is feverishly investigating her background.

Much like the Democrats did last week in Denver, the Republicans are offering wonderful political theater this week in St. Paul. Hopefully, the American public will cut through their rhetoric and distractions and make dispassionate decisions on Election Day.
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