Thursday, August 28, 2008

Conventional thinking, V

So here it is, 9:30 Thursday night and we're awaiting Barack Obama's acceptance speech.

Joe Biden, his VP, did OK last night, although this attack dog seemed to be on a short leash. (Biden was more in character - witty and sharp - in brief remarks just a few minutes ago.)

Stevie Wonder, one of my favorites, nearly put me to sleep until he bounced back with "Signed, Sealed and Delivered" (albeit with canned instrumentals and background vocals).

Al Gore was first-rate. Lots of meat - more, in fact, than most speakers this convention week. One can't help but sigh about what might have been had the Supreme Court not elected George W. Bush president instead of Gore in 2000.

The stage is set, the big stadium is full and Obama is due shortly. A black man has been nominated to be president by a major party. No matter what happens in November, this is history unfolding.
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