Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Conventional thinking

You don't have to be a admirer of Ted Kennedy to appreciate what he did last night at the Democratic National Convention.

Perhaps on the grand stage for the final time -- given his serious medical condition -- Kennedy rose to the occasion with a firebrand speech meant to unite the party and rally the troops around Barack Obama.

For those of us who have followed JFK to RFK to Teddy, this was a moment not to be forgotten.

Meanwhile, if you want to watch the convention without the background noise, tune to C-SPAN or log on to the Democrats' Website for the streaming video. No yabbering other than what's going on at the podium.

And incidentally, why does MSNBC feel it's useful to set up shop outdoors near Union Station, where a large bunch of partisans hoot and holler, creating a distraction for commentators and listeners alike?

Hillary Clinton speaks tonight. Bill Clinton tomorrow. After that, maybe interviewers like Ann Curry, the insufferable "Today Show" news reader who somehow was given the first-rate assignment of platform reporter, will stop asking Hillary-related questions, as she did when dealing with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi last night. Won't happen, will it?

Katie Couric, in a radio interview this afternoon, admitted maybe the media is "ginning up" the Hillary issue. You think?
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