Thursday, August 14, 2008

Open invitation

I know she's on vacation with her husband, but I sure wish Hillary Clinton had stopped by the Freeman office in Kingston while she was visiting Rhinebeck and Woodstock (and, we hear, but without confirmation, staying overnight at the Emerson in Mount Tremper).

The thing is, she's a United States senator representing our state and she's never paid a call on our newspaper's editorial board.

Her colleague Chuck Schumer stops by a couple of times a year.

Don't get me wrong. She doesn't owe us a meeting. I understand her schedule is packed - even now that her presidential run is over. I know her media demands are significant. And I know we're not the largest daily newspaper in New York. (Actually, we're about in the middle of the pack in terms of paid circulation.)

But we do publish a daily newspaper in a state in which she's the U.S. senator, and she's never given our editorial board the opportunity to ask her questions pertinent to our readers.

Sorry, you didn't give us a call, Senator. Maybe next time. We'll be here. Oh, it's 79 Hurley Avenue, Kingston. We're not far from the Thruway interchange. You can't miss us.

Have a nice vacation.
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