Monday, August 11, 2008

Ping pong, anyone?

Have I told you about newspaper's policy on "ping pong letters"?

In short, it's one volley per writer.

Let me explain.

Often we'll get responses to someone's letter to the editor. That typically prompts the original letter writer to submit a response to the response. We say, one to a customer.

It's not that we're taking sides in the debate. It's that at some point, the debate has to end. And, given space restrictions and reader tolerance, we stop it sooner than later. If not, we're into an unending game of letter-writing ping pong.

If others want to weigh in, that's fine. The more voices the better. And if you really want to get into a debate, dig into the reader comment section below each story at As long as you sign your real name, you can get in the game.

As for ping pong in print, sorry, that's off the table.
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