Friday, August 8, 2008

Thanks, but no thanks

A couple of our top editors disagree with me about the Olympics in Beijing. Since they're the editors, I'm going to let them win the argument and devote whatever space to it that they see fit.

As for me, I haven't been interested in the Olympics since Lake Placid -- and only then, because I had a chance to cover the event for a few days.

I admire the athletes (at least those who are true amateurs and also substance-free). But I don't care for the jingoism and the tape-delayed made-for-TV dramatics. (You do know, of course, that it's a 12-hour time difference between China and here. That means "tonight's" televised opening ceremonies at 8 p.m. Eastern actually began at 8 a.m. Eastern.)

I'll read all I need to know in our daily Associated Press roundup, regardless of where our editors place it.

Beyond that, if I can out from behind my desk long enough to do something else, it will be to play golf and watch the baseball pennant races on TV.

If you like the Olympics, you're about to get your fill. If you're like me, you'll pass.
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