Thursday, August 21, 2008

That's Italian!

Alan Chartock is heading to the Democratic Convention in Denver next week, and I'm taking a vacation, so we (along with host Rex Smith) recorded two weeks' worth of "Media Project" programs this morning at WAMC in Albany.

It also gave me a late-morning excuse to stop by a place called Andy & Sons Importing. I'd read about it in the "Best of ..." features in the Albany Times-Union and Metroland and promised myself I'd stop by.

We're talking about Italian food, folks. Homemade sausage, meatballs and sauces, lots of cheese, pre-made specialty dishes, pastry and crusty breads and other good stuff, all crammed into a tiny storefront at 256 Delaware Ave., not far from Exit 23 on the Thruway.

For my first trip, I started slow: a sub sandwich to take back to Kingston for lunch. It was first-rate. Next time, I'll be more creative.

There are plenty of excellent establishments to frequent in the Hudson Valley, so I don't want you to blow the locals off. But if you're in the Capital District and this kind of place strikes your fancy, check it out. You won't be disappointed.
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