Friday, July 25, 2008

Weekend wrap

From the notepad:

* If the saga of sexual harassment allegations (now officially a lawsuit) in the Kingston Department of Public Works teaches public officials and owners of private sector businesses nothing else, it ought to be to take these things seriously. As soon as a complaint is made, investigate it thoroughly. Bring in an objective third party if necessary. But don't let it linger and hope it goes away. Inaction and/or coverup will wind up costing you, as Kingston (and its taxpayers) may find out.

* My recent Facebook blog drew the attention of a critic who had some interesting things to say. But his/her words won't see the light of day on this site, because the writer didn't have the courage to sign his/her name. Judging from the content, the post might have been from a current or ex-employee. That's OK. I enjoy a good debate. But not if I don't know who I'm debating.

* I promised my daughter-in-law, Jennifer, I'd find a way to get her into this blog. There, I've done it. Jennifer, David and granddaughter Elizabeth helped me celebrate a birthday last weekend. I expect to barbecue some of their present Saturday.

* Yankees-Red Sox this weekend at Fenway. Joba hardballing it for the Yankees tonight. I predict at least one brushback pitch will lead to a bench-clearing episode.

* The buzz is the Jets are thinking about taking Brett Favre off the Packers' hands. Don't do it. The Jets need a lot more than one aging QB to make a playoff run.

* Speaking of Facebook, a colleague warns me not to get hooked on its version of Scrabble. I may not have to worry about it: The Scrabble people are said to be suing Facebook for copyright infringement.

* Good news, I suppose: A local hospital purchased space on the bus stop shelter on Hurley Avenue about which I blogged not long ago. It's cheesy, but better than the original "Your Ad Here" solicitation that graced the site.

* The Freeman now subscribes to Accuweather for the map on the back page of the front section. I almost needed a map driving home the other night in the blinding rain. And I do mean blinding. Had I not known my way on Route 375, I would have pulled over, so intense was the storm I drove through. As it was, I almost missed a right turn I make every evening.

* Now that I've passed the baton to Tom Cincotta, our new publisher at Taconic Press in Millbrook and The Independent in Hillsdale, I have more time to hit the road with Freeman advertising reps when they visit their customers. Get your questions and complaints ready, I'm heading your way.

* Check out our front page Sunday for the winners of Ulster County's annual Business Awards. The panel of judges -- Ron Marquette, John Eickman, Don Katt, Ward Todd, Lance Matteson and me (an illness kept Steve Finkle away) -- had a series of difficult choices from a list of worthy nominees in each category. Bouquets will be delivered to honorees at a big dinner Oct. 21 at Wiltwyck Golf Club.
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