Friday, July 18, 2008


Some months ago I read in a newspaper trade publication that it isn't a bad idea for journalists of my generation to learn what interests young people. Duh! Nothing new about that.

The more specific suggestion was that we establish accounts on Internet sites like Facebook and MySpace. For no particular reason, I chose the former.

So there I am with a Facebook page, surrounded by who knows how many people at least half my age. I sort of feel like the guy wearing a brown suit at a black-tie wedding.

I've been searching for people I know to add to my "friends" list. My youngest son and his younger cousin were easy. Both are in the "more than half my age" category. And then -- what d'ya know -- there was the husband of one of my wife's best friends ... and one of my son's college deans ... and just yesterday one of my former Freeman colleagues (a contemporary, no less), who still lives in the county. Who knows who'll turn up next?

I'm not sure what I've learned about the younger generation so far from Facebook, other than a lot of people are part of it and they seem to spend a considerable amount of time communicating with others via it.

As for me, I enjoy playing the movie trivia game.
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