Thursday, July 17, 2008

Anti-beautification in Kingston

For a main thoroughfare in our fine city, Hurley Avenue isn't the worst street to look at.

Yes, there are commercial businesses on both sides (even the home of a daily newspaper of note). But the avenue is wide and the buildings are neatly appointed. It's not the Champs-Elysees, but it's OK.

That said, I've been meaning to tell you about this eyesore I noticed for the first time last week when driving to work. It's a bus stop shelter -- I don't have a real problem with that -- emblazoned with a sign in big letters soliciting billboard advertising -- something like, "YOUR AD HERE!"

Talk about tacky!

Then I noticed similar shelters and billboard come-ons elsewhere in the city.

Is this part of some kind of anti-beautification campaign?

Now, as someone whose company sells advertising to survive, I understand the need to generate revenue. And, I seem to recall reading quite some time ago that the city would benefit one way or the other from these shelters.

But after all the work people like the tireless Evy Larios have done dressing up Kingston, these street-level billboards are a slap in the face.
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