Thursday, July 31, 2008

The trade

Certain baseball trades make so much sense, you wonder why they didn't occur sooner.

Such is the Ivan Rodriguez-Kyle Farnsworth swap between Detroit and the Yankees.

With catcher Jorge Posada hurt and Jose Molina only providing a one-dimensional need (excellent field, no hit), future Hall of Famer Rodriguez is a perfect fit (good field, good hit).

As for Farnsworth, while he's been a more reliable reliever this season (so much so, that some Yankees fans who wanted to give him away the last two years are now moaning about his departure), the Tigers need him more than the Yankees. The Bombers have put together a competent crew filled with veterans and youngsters. And manager Joe Girardi has juggled the bullpen much more efficiently than did his predecessor, Joe Torre.

So let's see: Tigers need bullpen help and have a good catcher to whom to turn on the roster (Brandon Inge). Yankees need catching help and have an adequate supply of good arms in the bullpen (Rivera, Ramirez, Marte, Veras, Giese, Robertson and more either returning from injuries or making their way up from the minors).

Rodriguez for Farnsworth. Good deal for both teams.
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