Monday, July 7, 2008

And the winner is ...

Over the weekend, I randomonly clicked my way into the sleaziest program on television -- and that's saying something.

It's called TMZ, a televised version of the celebrity gossip-fueled Website.

A bunch of "reporters" sit around what appears to be a newsroom pitching stories to the boss, a smug looking guy sipping on a beverage and grinning with approval when an item interests him. Then we watch a video clip, typically of a "celebrity" (the definition of "celebrity" is kind of broad for this enterprise) being ambushed by one or more paparazzi outside a restaurant, or at an airport, or walking along the street or some other public place. The subjects are peppered with innocuous and/or personal questions, in hopes of getting a rise out of them or catching them in an inelegant moment. The smart ones keep their mouths shut and just keep moving. Others engage their inquistors, sometimes with a joke to try and make friends, sometimes with a middle finger -- just the image the photographers/videographers are seeking.

Describing this garbage program doesn't do it justice. But urging you to watch it only gives it more attention than it deserves.

Suffice it say, after seeing TMZ, you'll want to take a shower.
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