Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Round and round

An editorial cartoon in the Freeman used the "Groundhog Day" analogy to the Obama-Clinton campaign. Perfect. Just like the movie of the same name, it seems like we've been in this place before.

That's what I was the thinking this afternoon when I flipped on the TV in my office to see if the world had exploded yet. Fortunately, no.

But what I did walk into was another cable news talk fest about, in no particular order: Why is Hillary still running? How come Obama can't win the big states? Is this a black vs. white, man vs. woman contest? Why is Hillary still running? Can the Democratic Party be healed? Why isn't Obama wearing a flag lapel pin? And, oh yes, why is Hiillary still running?

On and on, the same heads talk at us from one program to the next, from one channel to the other. It's really quite amazing how the proverbial dead horse is being beaten. Day after day, hour after hour, minute after minute.

Sure, the process by which Americans will select the next leader of the free world is pretty darn important. But give us a break! Isn't there anything else going on? Rumor has it thousands were killed in an earthquake in China and thousands more perished in a cyclone in Myanmar. I also understand horrific weather in the Midwest killed dozens and ruined countless homes. A war in Iraq? Yes, that, too.

Mostly on the cable news networks, however, it's "Groundhog Day." Cue Sonny and Cher.

Oops, hold on a second. This just in: Barbara Walters is plugging her new book. But you already knew that.
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