Monday, April 21, 2008

Parade rest

As a follow up to our entry on the demise of Channels, I should point out that the Freeman's addition of Parade magazine had nothing to do with the elimination of our former TV tabloid.

Unfortunately, some readers saw the timing of Parade's arrival and Channels' departure and figured we were subsituting one for the other. Not so.

Parade approached us months ago seeking entry into our Sunday paper. After the successful conclusion of our negotiations, a starting date was established. Much later, as it became increasingly obvious to us that Channels' days were numbered, a pull-the-plug date was picked. It was purely coincidental that Parade was to debut the week before.

Parade is a welcome addition to the Sunday Freeman. We're pleased to be able to offer it to our readers. But it is not a TV section and it can't (and didn't) replace Channels.
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