Monday, April 21, 2008

Dave Hyatt

The Freeman lost one of its own early Sunday when Dave Hyatt died.

A 35-year veteran of our newspaper, Dave stepped aside about six months ago to fight the cancer that ultimately killed him. He was only 58 years old.

Dave joined the Freeman in the footsteps of his dad, Don, and his uncle, Ken, both of whom toiled long and hard in our composing room. That was in the "hot type" era, before the computer revolution changed the way newspapers were produced. Dave's was a trade you learned as an apprentice until you reached journeyman status.

But Dave also had a desire to learn more about what was then cutting edge technology. After being schooled, he eventually became the newspaper's go-to guy for graphics and computers. He was named foreman of the composing room, but soon shifted to what we called systems manager. During those last 15 or so years of his career, Dave kept our computers running and then some. He knew the software programs and he put out the high-tech fires, not only in Kingston, but at our sister publications in Hillsdale and Millbrook.

Dave loved golf and his football Giants. Fortunately, he lived long enough to see the Giants win a Super Bowl on his new large screen HDTV. Sadly, his illness erased plans for an early retirement and a life of 18 holes on a different course every day.

We'll miss you, Dave.
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