Tuesday, October 30, 2007


The Freeman editorial board's endorsements will roll out on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

As with all of the editorials we and other newspapers publish, some will agree with the points of view, some will disagree. It's our hope that all will recognize the editorials as serious commentaries designed to make readers think.

Make no mistake, our editorial board -- in addition to me, the board members are Managing Editor Sam Daleo, Assistant Managing Editor Tony Adamis and Political Editor Hugh Reynolds -- carefully weighed the contests for which we are offering recommendations. We did not take the task lightly. All voices were heard. All decisions were made without rancor.

You may remember the election cycle a few years ago when we chose not to offer endorsements. There was a growing sense among many in the newspaper business that the public was wary that the opinions on editorial pages were overflowing on to the news pages. After the election that year, our mail was about split: Half of our readers were happy we stayed on the sidelines; they didn't care what we thought. The other half thought it was our duty as a newspaper to offer opinions on elections, just as we do on a variety of other subjects throughout the year.

It's unlikely I will be able convince those who are inclined to see conspiracies and plots in politics that our endorsements are really what I've just described them to be.

No matter. At the end of the day, each of you has the real power to walk into a voting booth and make a personal selection. Please, exercise your right and cast a ballot on Tuesday.
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