Tuesday, October 16, 2007


For decades, I've been reading quotes from George Vizvary, Ulster County Community College's soccer coach. He's the champ. Nobody says it better.

Take this comment from today's story about a 7-0 win over Bronx Community College.

Said Vizvary after his team played a lackluster first half:

"When you arrive on the field and see your opponent is not really the bullrider, but the rodeo clown, obviously you play a different game. They (his team) took it as fun the first half and they missed so many shots.

"Halftime was not a very nice scene. I told them I'd burn down their houses if they didn't get a couple of goals in the first 10 minutes (of the second half). They took it seriously."

Bravo, George. You're still the best.
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