Thursday, October 4, 2007

Guessing game

Sometimes it's sort of fun to read what others say about the Freeman, particularly when I know for a fact the writers don't have a clue.

It's been pointed out to me, for example, that contributors (anonymous, of course) to one local blog know for sure who our newspaper is going to endorse on the editorial page for Ulster County district attorney.

What's funny about that, of course, is that we haven't even talked about it yet. And we won't until our meetings with the candidates are concluded.

Yesterday we met with the Kingston mayoral contenders. Wednesday of next week the DA hopefuls will be in. Later in the month we'll talk to the Kingston City Court judge candidates. A couple of other sessions may be scheduled.

I have no idea what the others on our editorial board think about these contests. And I haven't given any thought to them, other than the 75 minutes we spent talking and listening to the mayoral candidates.

So, have a blast playing the guessing game. If enough names are thrown against the wall, somebody is bound to be correct. And, by all means, keep talking us up. I like it when people are interested in what we do.

But for all you political pundits and onlookers out there, remember this: If the publisher doesn't know who the Freeman is going to endorse, you don't, either.
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