Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tweets to blogs

A pause from tweeting to return to blogging. (And who would have thought when I got into this business over 40 years ago that would be be such things as tweeting and blogging?)

* You want reader engagement? Check out the huge number of comments in response to two hot-button stories on the Daily Freeman website: the suicide of an alleged statutory rapist, and a high school administrator's pot possession charge. Every time the editors turn around, another half-dozen or so accumulate. There were 45 waiting for approval at 6 a.m. this morning, the moderation process having been suspended last night at 11 after constant updates throughout the afternoon and evening.

* Daily Freeman livestreams are now in high-definition. If the sound works and there's no problem with band width, we're golden.

* Made it to an Ulster County Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting last week. First time I'd been to one in a long time. Impressed by the attendance, organization, etc. Ward Todd is a pro; he can MC for me any day. But I missed Len Cane's jokes.

* Want cable TV sports journalism? "Real Sports" on HBO and "Costas Tonight" on NBCSN are for you.

* Want radio sports aggravation? Mike Francesa on WFAN ("I mean, I mean, I mean ...") and Mike Lupica on ESPN NY ("No, no ... no, no...").

* Why did the TV networks think Americans were dying for wall-to-wall coverage of Queen Elizabeth's jubilee celebration? Wasn't the idea of the American Revolution to turn our backs on the English monarchy? And, by the way, weren't there enough British entertainers to fill out the program for the big concert in front of Buckingham Palace without summoning American stars Stevie Wonder and

* Given the size and enthusiasm of the Wisconsin protests against Gov. Scott Walker, it was safe to presume he'd be packing his bags this morning, right? Instead, Walker survived a recall election with relative ease. Keep that in mind in assessing political activity: Being the most visible and vociferous doesn't guarantee success.