Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday bulletin board

*Best thing about Donald Trump's endorsement of Mitt Romney: Less political TV face time for Trump going forward (I hope).

*Worst thing about Donald Trump's endorsement of Mitt Romney: A Trump endorsement of the mercurial Newt Gingrich makes off-kilter sense. A Trump endorsement of the relatively low-key Romney makes you scratch your head.

*Interesting interview on WFAN with Al Kelly, the guy who is in charge of the Super Bowl to be played at the Meadowlands. Let me amend that: It was interesting when Mike Francesa didn't ask and answer his own questions. I've written this before, but it never ceases to amaze me that WFAN hasn't tried and/or been able to improve the novice broadcasting skills of its marquee personality.

*Speaking of Francesa, the 15 minutes he did with former partner Christopher "Mad Dog" Russo the other day reminded you how much better together they were than apart. Francesa has become more tedious as a solo than he was part of a duo. Russo essentially fell off the area map when he bolted for satellite radio.

*Finally saw "Jersey Boys" on Broadway. I liked it, but not as much as most others. Maybe it's because the performer trying to channel Frankie Valli fell short. How could he not? The great Meryl Streep is able to nail a Margaret Thatcher and Julia Child. But performances like that are rare.

*If you read the Huffington Post there's disappointing news: Highly regarded Social News Editor Mandy Jenkins is leaving. If you follow newspaper companies (like the Freeman) managed by Digital First Media, there's great news: She's joining us.