Thursday, March 25, 2010


Changing the channels two nights ago. I came across the film "The Pelican Brief", which featured, among others, actor Robert Culp. Got me to wondering if Culp, best known for TV's "I Spy" and the movie "Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice" was still alive.

Last night, I came home just in time to hear NBC's Brian Williams report that Robert Culp had died a few hours earlier from a fall near his Hollywood home.

Flash forward to this morning. I'm driving to Albany, listening to a radio podcast recorded yesterday. The host played a snippet of the long-ago hit song "16 Candles" by a group called The Crests, fronted by singer Johnny Maestro. He then played "The Worst That Could Happen", a hit for Maestro when he was lead singer of a group called The Brooklyn Bridge. It prompted the host to wonder if Maestro was still alive. He was alive, a co-host assured him after looking it up.

A couple of hours later, back in the office, I read that Johnny Maestro had just succumbed to cancer in Florida.

Here's hoping I'm not thinking of you, at least for the next 24 hours. It might be bad luck.
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