Thursday, March 18, 2010

Steve Levy

A couple of weeks ago, as I was heading upstairs to my office, I noticed a guy entering the Freeman's first floor conference room. He vaguely looked familiar: short, mustache, middle-aged. I'd seen him someplace, but couldn't remember where. It happens.

Later in the day, when reading the managing editor's story budget for the next edition, I saw the name Steve Levy ... not the sports broadcaster, but the Suffolk County executive. That's why the aforementioned visitor was familiar. I'd seen him on the New York TV news.

Levy, it turns out, was making the rounds of newspapers and communities up and down the state as he pondered entering the gubernatorial contest. Considered a longshot at this early stage, he wasn't given the editorial board treatment by us. But a reporter was assigned to interview him. In case you missed it, the story and a video are here.

But things can change quickly in politics. With Democrat David Paterson out, fellow Democrat Andrew Cuomo encountering a bit of criticism and Republican Rick Lazionot setting the world on fire, Levy's stock has risen.

Today, there he is on the front page of The New York Times as he officially throws his hat in the ring. The twist? Conservative-Democrat Levy will run as a Republican who vows to take on Albany.

Maybe it won't be a dull campaign season after all.
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