Thursday, March 4, 2010

Countdown on Paterson

What's the over-under on David Paterson?

With the accusations mounting and his support crumbling, who'd be surprised if the accidental governor yielded his keys to the Executive Mansion by the close of business Friday?

Regardless of how the Paterson matter sorts out, New Yorkers have to be humiliated by the many bad characters they've sent to Albany. Then again, maybe not. What's Abe Lincoln's old saying about fooling some of the people, some of time ...? New Yorkers keep electing bad guys and then they're surprised to learn they really are bad guys. Fooled again.

Spitzer, Bruno, Hevesi come to mind. Paterson's on the brink. The list is long and growing. And we're only talking about the ones with legal and/or ethical problems. This doesn't even begin to account for those of the rest of the Albany establishment who put the dys in dysfunction.

No, New York isn't the only state with corrupt pols and do-little lawmakers. But somehow that doesn't make me feel any better.
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